Hunger Games Poster - Peeta

What does the Hunger Games have to do with Fast Easy Bread?….


The whole time I was reading the Hunger Games series, I just wanted to make Fast Easy Bread for everyone. The characters are always hungry and what they really want is some BREAD!

I got the opportunity to interview Josh Hutcherson, who play’s Peeta the Bread Baker in the Hunger Games movie. I was so excited and I had some good questions for him, all about BREAD!

Since Josh’s character Peeta is a bread baker, I asked him if he knows how to bake homemade bread in real life. Josh said that he does know how to make homemade bread and the first scene he shot for the movie was my favorite part in the book and it was about bread. It is the scene where Peeta sees Katniss out in the pouring rain starving to death. He burns some bread on purpose so he can give it to Katniss. After getting slapped by his mom for burning the bread he goes out in the rain and throws her the loaf. She is hungry and burnt bread is way better than no bread!

Josh was so nice and said getting this part in The Hunger Games was hard to wrap his mind around. “Its such a big part,” he said. But when he was holding the loaf of bread, wearing an apron with the rain machines about to turn on, he said to himself, “I am Peeta, I am in The Hunger Games, WOW this is for real.” Its all about the bread! Fast Easy Bread!

Hunger Games Peeta Burned Bread

There you have it, up close and personal with Josh Hutcherson or as I like to call him Peeta the Bread Baker!

The Hunger Games comes out this Friday March 23rd. Make yourself some Fast Easy Bread and eat up while you wait, no need to go “Hungry” and its no “Game” it’s FAST EASY BREAD!