My sweet daughters got the chance to meet Selena Gomez! She was really nice and gave them her undivided attention. We got to see her new movie Monte Carlo and then meet her at the Four Seasons to ask her fun questions.

My 5 year Taylor asked her what her favorite pizza was and Selena surprised us with
Jalapenos and Mushrooms!
Selena also told us that while filming the movie she loved to eat bread and Nutella. The movie starts out in Texas and then you get to see Paris, then Monte Carlo and a little bit of Romania or so we thought.
Katelynn my 9 year old asked if she really got to go to all these places and thats when we learned Texas and Romania were actually filmed in Budapest!
Ashley my 7 year old asked her when her birthday! Its July 22 and she will be 19. My girls just loved the chance to meet her and they really got the Royal Treatment.
Take your daughters to see Monte Carlo, the movie is cute and they places are beautiful. Its was really clean and Selena did a great job playing so many characters!