We are excited to start our new blog and to celebrate we are going to have a Kickoff Competition. That is right people, it is your chance to win a free Fast Easy Bread Apron. Ok, here is how it works, all you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite Fast Easy Bread recipe and why it is your favorite. It can be an original Fast Easy Bread recipe or it can be one that you have created. One of my favorite recipes is the Taco Braid recipe because of the reaction I got from my husband when he ate it the first time. The entire time he was eating it he was making noises and telling me, “This is the best thing you’ve made!” If you have a modified recipe you can submit it to our web page by emailing it to us at [email protected] or by clicking on this link to submit your own recipe directly to our website.You will be credited for your recipe on our site and others can enjoy it. If you haven’t tried Fast Easy Bread or any of the recipes, now is the time. Get started making delicious homemade pizza, bread, dessert braid, or cinnamon rolls with our bundle that makes 22 batches of homemade bread. We will announce the winner of our official Kickoff Competition on September 1st, 2010 by picking the person with the best story so check back with us then. Once again, this is not a competition about recipes, it is a competition to see who has the best story ABOUT a recipe. Good luck and have fun!