I had the chance today to interview James Farmer III. First of all if you like southern accents he is your guy. Thick as Molasses. But that is coming from a Texas girl who is always asked “Where are you from?” I never say ya’ll I say you guys and its all because I am a product of my mother who is from Wisconsin. James on the other hand is from Georgia, and he most definitely says ya’ll and not you guys!
He not only was fun to talk to but, he loved FAST EASY MONKEY BREAD. I happen to bring some Monkey Bread to share and asked him if he liked pecans. His eyes lite up and he said YES! Needless to say I did the interview while he was eating yummy, gooey monkey bread. He gave me great tips about FAST, EASY and Economical gardening. Instead of wasting water and getting in trouble for watering use ice cubes in your small planter boxes. The plants can’t soak-up all the water when the hose is watering them but as the ice melts it can get the moisture it needs. I am so excited to use this tip on my small but lovely rose bush my hubby gave me. Its in full blown since it is cooling off a bit and we finally got some much needed rain! I also learned how to prune my lovely rose bush from A Time to Plant. Its full of lots of gardening tips and some yummy recipes. Sweet Potato Souffle, coated with yummy Pecans! My mother and mother-in-law will love this book! The pictures are amazing!

You can meet James Farmer the 3rd and buy his book A Time to Plant tonight! Ask him about the Monkey Bread!