Stacy, Desiree & Madeline friends of Fast Easy Bread & fellow fighters of childhood hunger

Tara, Madeline, Cheryl (from Minnie's Pantry and featured in Hunger Hits Home) and Me

Sandra Lee Food Network Star


These days I am trying to focus on what is important. I love my children but I feel they are spoiled. Just the other day I tried to explain to them that not all children have it as good as they do! They have 2 parents that love and adore them, a mom that is able to stay home and take care of all there needs and wants. I mean, really who wouldn’t love a mom that can whip up Monkey Bread, Stuff Crust Pizza and Cinnamon Rolls at the snap of a finger? They think food is always Fast and Easy and at there finger tips. To tell the truth it is, why would they believe that children who sit next to them in school go hungry because food doesn’t appear at the snap of a finger in every home.


When I tell them to not be wasteful and that there are children who haven’t eaten today and they should feel blessed to have such an abundance of good food to eat, I get confused looks.


This is all going to change because my children will be watching a Food Network produced documentary called HUNGER HITS HOME. This Saturday on the Food Network at 7 pm central time. They will learn about a boy who doesn’t get Stuff Crust Pizza every Friday night or Monkey Bread for a late night snack. He gets Top Ramen if he is lucky. They will learn of a teenager who has gone 3 days without Food, my kids think they are hungry if they go 3 hours.


I got the chance to attend the red carpet premier of Hunger Hits Home in Dallas and met Sandra Lee, the Food Network Star. She is doing an amazing job helping raise awareness that children are going hungry right here in the USA. I asked her what I can tell Fast Easy Bread fans to enlist there help to make a change in the fight against hunger. She explained that we should consider all of the children around us as our children and we would never let our kids go hungry.


So with that, I am teaming up with a local group called Food for the Soul. We are going to stuff the backpacks of hungry kids in our community and feed them during the summer. I can now feed “All my Children” Fast Easy Bread and you can help. Join me in making Fast Easy Bread for those hungry kids in your area. You can make twice as much bread and feed all the children around too! Send me an email if you want to help. [email protected]