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What are the Different Types of Yeast?

When I was in the 5th grade I remember learning about yeast. We were studying Biology, more specifically cells and how they multiply, and yeast is a great example of this. You can actually see yeast growing right before your eyes. To this day I don’t know what type of...

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What are the Uses of Lecithin in Food?

I was recently explaining that we sell Food Grade Liquid Soy Lecithin to help with emulsions in cooking to a friend and he told me that he has seen that lecithin can be used for many applications in the kitchen. Curious about this, I did some research to find out more...

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How To Keep Bread Fresh Longer

I always found it confusing that my family kept our bread in a large wooden bread box but my best friend’s family kept their bread in the fridge. When I grew-up and had my own family I wondered which way was the best, so I went on a search to find what is the best way...

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