Breakfast Rolls Recipe

Category Recipe Title Prep Time Rise Time Bake/Cook Time Total Time

Basic Bread Breakfast Rolls 10 min 15 min 15 min 40 min

Ingredients :

5 cups white unbleached bread flour

1/4 cup sugar (can use honey, brown sugar or any sweetener 1:1)

1 tsp salt

2 Tbsp SAF-instant premium yeast - Found in the Homemade Bread Bundle

2 tsp Liquid Soy Lecithin - Found in the Homemade Bread Bundle

2 cups hot/warm water

1/2 a pound of breakfast sausage ( cooked )

6 to 8 eggs

4 slices of American Cheese ( or whatever chesse you like)

salt and pepper (to taste)


I like to use sausage that I made the day before, for pizza or some other breakfast, so that I save myself a step... Then I crack about 6 to 8 eggs( all depends how much egg you want) then I add the sausage to the raw egg mix and season to liking. Then scramble all together. Add 4 american cheese slices, ( or whatever cheese you like) let it melt. Then start your dough like normal. After you cut it in half, do it again and again, till you get to the size you would like for your breakfast rolls. Take each roll and flatten it out like a mini pizza, then scoop the egg mixture in to the middle. Pinch up all the sides, closing it, and put it on the greased cookie sheet, pinched side down. You can then egg wash it or put a little extra virgian olive oil on it, or nothing at all, they still get a pretty color with nothing on them. Then let the rolls rise for 10 min. covered with a towel. Then bake for 15 min. Super Yummy!

Elicia Durham