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Modular Baking Steel Pizza Stone | FastEasyBread USA


  • Easy Cleaning, Wont Crack – No more worries about cleaning your old pizza stone, cooling or heating it too fast and dropping it. Pizza steel is practically indestructible, lasting you a lifetime.
  • Precision Cooking Temperatures – Minimize your oven fluctuations for better more consistent cooking results with this high performance A36 carbon steel sheet which is ideal for better thermal distribution per square inch, is more conductive than stone, and can be left in the oven to moderate temperatures all the time.
  • Modular Design = More Versatility – The slightly smaller steel plate (13″ x 9.75″ x 0.25″ thick) allows for easier handling in the kitchen, fits any oven, but when combined side by side with a second steel gives you more surface area to cook on than most competitors.
  • Modular Is Better – Purchase 2 to 4 steel plates to both increase your cooking area or place one(two) plate(s) above, and one(two) plate(s) below you food to more evenly distribute the heat and help with browning and crisping your food. Doubles as a griddle for you grill or freeze/refrigerate the steel to keep items cold.
  • Our Promise to You – Top Notch Kitchenware is committed to providing the best possible service and top quality products for your kitchen. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase please reach out to us so we can meet your needs and make our products better.

Your oven can vary by as much as 50 degrees which often makes results unreliable.  That's were our steel comes in.  Place anywhere from one to four of theses steel in your oven to modulate your ovens temperature.  The modular design allows for easier handling but also allows you to combine a second steel for a larger surface area for cooking larger pizzas.  Place a one(two) steel above and one(two) steels below for better heating and browning.

We strive to make designs that are not only functional but are unique and beautiful to brighten up your kitchen and make it fun and easy to cook and bake. You will fall in love with these unique designs that we have for you.

Precooking Instructions:
Upon receiving you oven steel plate(s), thoroughly wash the manufacturers oil from the surface with soap and water and even scrubbing the surface with steel wool will not damage your product.  Lightly oil the surface with your choice of oil.  We recommend avocado oil for seasoning as it has the highest temperature resistance but any will do.  Place in the oven and heat at 500 degrees or use your oven as normal a few times before cooking on the steel.  You can expect there to be an oil/steel smell from your steel for the first couple uses be it will fade.  There is no need to remove the steel from the oven when not using it for pizza.  It will better regulate your oven temperature and you won't have to store it elsewhere.

Cooking Instructions:
Heat your oven and steel to 500 degrees, place your pizza on the steel and you'll have the perfect pizza crusting in under 10 min.